If your backyard landscape leaves a lot to be desired, you may have considered upgrading the space to make it more usable and enjoyable. After all, you might as well take advantage of the fresh air, green spaces, and mild weather that San Francisco has to offer. Unlike colder locales, there’s no reason to relegate yourself to the indoors at any time in the year.

Maximizing your living space starts with a vision and a design. That’s what we’re here for: to give you the building blocks to make your dream a reality. Check out these 10 backyard landscaping ideas that improve the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

1. Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting serves three main purposes: it illuminates your space to highlight certain areas of focus, it allows your family and guests to navigate the area safely after dark, and it keeps unwanted visitors away. Adding ambient lighting to your patio and garden areas can add a glow to your gatherings. From spot lights and sensor lights to string lights and sconces, you can achieve that ambiance you want while keeping everyone safe at the same time.

2. Create Different Living Areas or Zones

You may have different areas of your backyard that you want to use for different things. You may want your patio with seating in one area, offset by a retaining wall to divide it from the pool or outdoor kitchen area. Maybe you want a Zen garden off to the side, or cozy little nooks for reading and reflecting. That’s why it’s so important to break up your yard into zones or segments that are subtly delineated yet invite different activities.

3. Add a Fire Pit

We’re not talking a cheap metal one from the big box store: we’re talking a custom brick or stone masonry pit that will last the test of time. You can even add bench seating all around for kids and adults to enjoy a scary story or two, and perhaps a warm beverage on a cool night.

4. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

One great way to extend your living space is to bring the inside out with your very own kitchen. Who says you should stay indoors and cook while your guests are outside by the pool? Adding an outdoor kitchen gives you an opportunity to cook and prep in the great outdoors while still being able to socialize with guests. Add a seating nook, bar, grill, prep areas, and a natural stone patio, and you have yourself a gorgeous outdoor kitchen that is sure to turn heads.

5. Install a Fountain

Gently flowing water can have a very calming effect, especially when paired with a garden area and cozy seats. You won’t be able to keep yourself from meditating, doing yoga, or reading in this tranquil setting. Add greenery and floral arrangements around the fountain for character and charm.

6. Create a Living Room Outside

Who says you have to stay inside to watch TV, listen to music, or work on your laptop? Create an extension of your living room outside, complete with pergola or other covering, comfy couches, wall-mounted TVs, desks, and more. For that, you need a landscape designer who specializes in extending interior spaces seamlessly to the outdoors.

7. Add Raised Flower Beds

If you love the colorful appeal of fresh flowers or you want to grow your own tomatoes and herbs, consider adding a few raised flower beds to your backyard landscape. Raised beds are often more desirable than planting in the ground because there are fewer weeds, less soil erosion, better drainage, and more growing space. Plus, you can reap the rewards of your hard work by growing basil for your pasta dinners or picking fresh flowers to cheer up a friend.

8. Hang Alternative Seating

You don’t have to sit on a traditional chair to enjoy gathering with friends or sipping a cup of coffee. Install a hammock or hanging chair under a large tree and get lost in the afternoon.

9. Add Levels to Your Yard

Many homeowners fall under the impression that a yard should be flat. But don’t be afraid to get daring and incorporate different levels within your backyard. Perhaps raise up your patio and seating areas, or create a sunken area with a fire pit.

10. Build a Backyard Beach

Make your very own tropical oasis in your backyard with some beach sand, tropical vegetation, and reclined seating. No need to trek out to the local beach when you want to catch some rays!

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