David Soffer, San Francisco Landscape Design Architect

David Soffer

Founder, Landscape Designer

Inside Out exists to ALIVE N’ SF by providing landscape design and maintenance to South San Francisco that maximizes the living space of your home, and creates continuity between the indoors and outdoors. We design, build and maintain interior spaces that extend seamlessly into exterior landscaped spaces, resulting in feeling connected to nature and the outdoors, even in an urban environment.

We achieve this goal by well thought-out contemporary design, expertly managed and executed installations that are guided by responsible building practices and a proactive maintenance program. Clear communication ensures that your landscape project is everything you dreamed of and that working with us is easy.

As a company, we ensure that we are at the forefront of best building practices and technologies. All staff members attend safety, skill-improvement and management trainings. We also implement the latest project management, maintenance management and project-flow technology to make sure we are organized, efficient and communicating clearly in a timely manner.

We have come up with a short phrase that captures the spirit of our mission, which is ALIVE N’ SF.  Here at Inside Out, we feel that, aside from the countless mental health benefits that a connection to nature brings, it is an essential ingredient to a well-rounded and active lifestyle, even in a society that is increasingly dependent and focused on computers and technology.

ALIVE N’ SF encompasses our Six Keys to Expanding Your Home Outdoors, which we employ on all of our transformations. This is our recipe for creating the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A – Access: Blur the lines between in and outdoors with seamless access to outdoor space. Install French Doors, Nano Doors and retractable or lifting doors, and feel like you can open your home and step into nature at any time.

L – Livable: Make your outdoor space inviting and functional. Build patios, decks, benches, day beds, arbors, hot tubs, saunas and other amenities. Furnish with comfortable and contemporary outdoor tables, chairs and seating so that you can live in, entertain in, and enjoy your space.

I – Integrate the Inside and Out: Install carefully placed features like planters, benches, edging, hardscape, lighting and decor. We’ll help you create an inviting space that brings balance and harmony to your outdoor and indoor spaces.

V – Views: Install floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light and accessible views of nature. Both feeling and being connected to nature have powerful positive impacts on the psyche.

E – Environment: Design a living space that is in harmony with nature. Lush greenery, gardens, and natural escapes that require low water and low resources are good for the environment and your wallet.

N’ – New: Contemporary hardscape and planters like poured-in-place concrete, modern-cut stone and crisp gravel create stunning contrast with plantings and the organic elements of your space.

S – San

F – Francisco

There are three critical advantages to contacting us for your indoor-outdoor remodel:

  1. Unlike other general contractors, we have extensive experience in landscaping and gardening so you can rest assured that drainage, plantings and irrigation will be well thought out and installed properly.
  2. Since we are specialized in indoor-outdoor spaces, we are not going to show up and tell you that you need to tear your entire property down and start over, unless that’s what you would like to do. Our specialty is opening up existing homes to the outdoors, not necessarily entire remodels.  
  3. Clients hire us for both indoor and outdoor remodels. This ensures higher quality installation and eliminates the additional cost and hassle of hiring and managing multiple contractors for a single project.
For six years, David successfully grew a landscape design, build and maintenance company that focused on sustainable outdoor living spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eventually he realized that his passion is for creating continuity between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

David is able to draw from the company’s background of landscaping and horticulture to indoor-outdoor remodels. High quality long-lasting construction, the use of sustainable materials, high-end contemporary design and blurring the lines between indoors, outdoors and “green” space are what guide the business.

David Soffer, Owner and President

David developed a passion for environmentally-sustainable practices and business efficiency after studying Economics and Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. David grew up participating in a family business of designing, remodeling and selling homes, so the founding of Inside Out is a result of multiple influences. David holds a C27 Landscape Contractor License and a General Building License.