Ready to create something new and exciting in your yard but aren’t sure what? Do you have some ideas you want to incorporate but don’t know how to pull them all together? No worries. That’s where a design and build landscaper comes in.

The design/build process is just what is sounds like: first, the landscape is designed, then it is built. If you hire the right landscape professional in San Francisco, the two elements will combine in harmony to result in a layout that flows well, offset by an inherent beauty that complements your entire property.

A General Look at the Design/Build Process

Every landscaper is slightly different as to how they go about their design/build process, but in general, you can expect this multiple-step process to provide you with a roadmap for what to expect along the way.

1. Consultation and Survey

After you have made initial contact with the landscape architect, they will offer you an on-site consultation where the design team addresses your needs and surveys your landscape. You will be asked many questions as to what your vision is, and several different options will be discussed.

2. Design and Budget

The landscaper will then take detailed measurements and start the design process. The scope of the project will be laid out, taking into consideration anything from material options to physical limitations. You will get an estimate of what the project will cost based on the materials, timeline, and construction. This is when you’ll settle on the design you like best.

3. Planning and Specifications

Now the full blueprint will be worked out, to result in final designs, budget parameters and materials. Additional measurements will be taken on site, if needed, such as soil samples.

4. Contract and Scheduling

Once the plan is finalized, your landscaper will start to build it. You will be asked to sign a contract and schedule start/end dates for the project.

5. Installation

This is when construction occurs. Permits and approvals involving installing gas lines, for instance, will be pulled before any ground is broken. The whole project may take a few days or a few weeks to complete, depending on scope, weather and other delays.

6. Walkthrough and Follow Up

After completion of the project, you and your landscaper will do a final walkthrough to make sure you are happy with the work. You will be provided with care and maintenance information on how to keep up with the newly-installed plants and features. A follow-up meeting, if requested, can be scheduled at a later date.

Landscape Design: Inside Out

Inside Out Landscaping designs gardens and landscapes that flow organically from your home to the yard, while complementing existing natural elements. We tend to lean toward clean lines and geometric shapes offset by unique plant palettes.

Now let’s get a little more personalized to how we do things here at Inside Out. We split the process up into two phases: design and build. Here’s a look at the design side.

You can expect the following with our landscape design process:

  • We will hold an in-depth site meeting with the homeowners and our designers to gain a clear understanding of budget and needs.
  • Next, we will go over demolition details, with 2D and 3D views and perspective renderings, as well as details pertaining to plant and material palettes.
  • We can make multiple revisions as needed and as budgeted within the design scope.
  • Next, the bid phase by our build team starts once you have approved the final design.
  • We will then pull permits and make final revisions to plans that take into account approved scope of work.

Landscape Build: Inside Out

Now we move onto the build phase, which is where your vision comes to life. Every project is different, which is why we cater to your needs with a unique approach. Some projects are completed by our in-house staff, while others are completed using subcontractors. We strive to strike the right balance of subcontractors and in-house teams to ensure the project is cohesive and efficient.

Our build team is comprised of tradesmen and women, subcontractors, architects, and engineers who value quality construction and ongoing communication to result in a well-executed landscape installation. Here’s a look at our build process:

  • We will hold an in-depth site meeting with our designer and estimator to get a clear understanding of the approved budget and design.
  • We will meet with subcontractors on site to gather pricing per the scope of work.
  • We will provide a detailed construction proposal with alternative options for scope and materials requested by the client.
  • We will make revisions as needed to further identify scope, budget and client preferences.
  • Lastly, contract, scheduling and execution will take place, with meetings all along the way for cohesiveness

Get a Free Quote on the Design/Build Process in San Francisco From Inside Out

Here at Inside Out Landscaping, we pride ourselves on a seamless design/build process that results in the yard of your dreams. To get a free quote and book your consultation with our teams, contact us today at (415) 606-7122.