Design and build landscaping is a service that comprises two parts: one team designs the landscape, and another installs it. Getting both of these services under one roof is a plus, as this prevents the need to hire two separate companies. You generally save money by bundling both services together, plus it saves you time and headache.

Another perk is that both teams within one company are used to working with one another, resulting in a professional, seamless experience. Let’s take a look at both sides of the equation in this month’s blog, specifically regarding how we do things here at Inside Out.


The first part of the project is coming up with a workable design. This team is usually comprised of designers, architects, and other creative folks who can take your ideas, put them on paper, and create a schematic that can bring the plans to life. You can’t build anything without a well-thought-out design, so this is a crucial first step.

Here at Inside Out Landscaping, it’s our goal to create aesthetically-pleasing and usable spaces so that family members and guests will be drawn outside to enjoy the outdoors. Gardens and landscapes are designed to flow organically from the home while complementing natural elements, all backed by clean lines and geometric shapes.

You can opt for a design package that accommodates a variety of scopes of work according to your unique need, incorporating anything from plant palette design and placement to full indoor-outdoor renovations. Take a look at our design process:

  • First, we hold an in-depth site meeting with our designer so we can get a better understanding of your vision and budget.
  • Next comes the design phase, which includes demolition details, 2D- and 3D-plan views and perspective renderings, plant and materials palettes, and other details.
  • We provide multiple revisions as needed within the budget and design scope.
  • Next, our build team enters the bid phase once you have approved a final design.
  • We pull permits and perform final revisions to plans reflecting the approved scope of work.


Next comes the actual building part of the project. This is where everything really gets interesting, and your vision begins to take shape. The build team is comprised of builders, contractors, sub-contractors, and more.

Because every landscape project is different, each one requires a unique approach. Sometimes, all subcontractors are used on a project, and other times, our in-house landscape design and build staff completes the whole project. Determining the right combination makes all the difference in quality and efficiency.

Our team is comprised of skilled tradesmen and subcontractors who pride themselves on continuous communication and frequent meetings between staff and subcontractors, architects, designers, engineers, and clients. Here’s a look at our build process:

  • We hold an in-depth site meeting with our estimator and designer to get a better idea of the approved design and budget.
  • We hold meetings with subcontractors on site to gather pricing per the scope of work.
  • We create a detailed construction proposal, complete with alternate options for scope and materials as directed by the client.
  • We make revisions as needed to accommodate scope, budget, and client preferences.
  • The last phase includes the contract, scheduling, and execution of the project.
  • Along the way, we hold frequent meetings to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Benefits of Hiring a Design/Build Firm

There are many advantages to working with a design/build firm, such as:

  • Working with a single company through every phase of the project. This ensures each part of your project moves quickly through each stage, offering higher efficiencies such as cost savings.
  • The design process is simplified: Full-service firms roll the design services and installation into one proposal with one cost.
  • Detailed knowledge of the latest construction methods: Design-build landscaping firms are typically owned by licensed landscape contractors with several years of experience regarding landscape installation. Therefore, they understand how to implement efficient building processes and know the latest and best construction methods to complete your project.
  • Resources with local wholesale nurseries and other suppliers: Design-build contractors regularly place orders for supplies and plants from nurseries, which means they know all about plant availability and the best costs. Plus, they often get bulk discounts on what they purchase.
  • Simplified costs: This seamless process reduces the cost of the design because it’s lumped into one overall cost, allowing you to get an estimate for the whole project at the start.

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